How to Briquette the Bio-Mass?

Biomass waste is converted into briquettes by a process known as biomass briquetting that is performed on biomass briquetting machine. The waste constitutes agricultural and forestry waste. The process of converting biomass waste into briquettes includes a series of steps to be followed.

Firstly, the material like saw dust, rice husk; sugarcane bagasse is collected at the briquetting plant and brought to a desired shape by using a hammer mill grinder. Then the material is checked for moisture content and if it is high, the waste is first dried out either under direct sunlight or with the help of a turbo dryer.

The manufacturing of biomass briquettes depends upon the way biomass waste is dried out. Then appropriate proportion of all the material is mixed and fed to the conveyors where it is compressed under high pressure. This compression results into release of lignin which serves the purpose of binding the material and also eliminates the need of using a separate binding agent or additive. The obtained material is then turned into cylindrical shaped briquettes which are passed through cooling tracks.

Advantages of Biomass Briquettes

  • Economical and non-polluting
  • Saves environment
  • Saves limited natural resources
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