The briquetting project constitutes setting up a briquetting plant, installation of briquetting machines and using the right technology for the treatment and processing of agricultural, forestry, industrial and municipal solid waste. The project is a viable option for the efficient waste management with a number of benefits. It mainly focuses on converting waste into valuable briquettes that are an efficient source of fuel and energy.

Briquettes are cheaper than natural resources like coal and natural gas; they don’t emit smoke when burnt to provide heat. In addition, the briquettes produce a consistently high heat output, slow burn time and have high thermal value. The entire briquetting project requires a particular temperature to be maintained at the briquetting plant.

Key Features of Briquetting Project

  • Easy availability of agro-forestry, industrial and municipal solid waste
  • High profitability
  • Opportunities for employment
  • Convert waste into sources of fuel and energy
  • Efficient waste management

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